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Today, we cover all your favorite, contemporary, slammin' tracks from Godsmack to Collective Soul, Sevendust to Red Hot Chili Peppers, HELLYEAH to Brother Cain, etc. But tomorrow, it'll just be Sliver m**herf**ker.

Some time ago current Sliver bassist Dan, 'The Dude', set out to shake up the foundation of the hard rock scene in the Milwaukee area and after a few years and a few key line-up changes he's well on his way to seeing the fruits of his labor flourish. Just since the start of 2018, Sliver has placed second in T.E.C.'s annual Battle of The Bands: Cover Edition, performed at Milwaukee Harley Davidson's Spring House Party, landed a spot on the Renegade Stage at the world-renowned Milwaukee Summerfest, and on top of all that the band released its' debut E.P. in the spring, showcasing five all-original songs written, recorded and produced entirely by Sliver. You can find it on all the major music sites including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music. Use caution when listening to it on the highway, as it's been known to turn foot to lead.

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